Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Congo – The African Volcano Motherland

Congo is the Democratic Republic in Central Africa. It was made popular just because of the presence of many beautiful national parks. Even it seems the parks in Congo are listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a motherland of many big volcanoes.

1) Virunga National Park:

        The park comprises of an exceptional variety of habitats and also many mountain gorillas especially. It’s a fact that 20,000 hippopotamuses live in the streams over there. Many birds from different neighborhood countries like Siberia survive there especially in the winter season.

2) Nyiragongo Volcano:

                Due to the presence of the beautiful lava lake, it became very famous. You can climb up the volcanoes present there without much effect. Many of the people i.e. the climbers used to spend their night camping by the side of the lake.

3) Jardin d’Eden:

        This was a best tourist spot which is a combination of a restaurant and a musical bar located at the river shore. You can feel the relaxing atmosphere and can have a cool and pleasant dinner with a Congolese music in the back.

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