Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ferrari 2012 Formula One race car particulars exposed by Italian auto magazine

Ferrari has not approach out with any stipulation of their F1 car for future Formula One season, but some auto magazine in Italy have approach up with some movies which has resulted in this storm. Ferrari 2012 Formula One car was seen in Autosprint previous this week. According to the image in Autosprint, the innovative Ferrari F1 race car look a lot like last year's McLaren F1 race car. Ferrari is likely to be christen their new F1 face car as F12 or F2012 as specified by Mr. Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari team head.

First inspections point to that the car is somewhat humped but the final manufactured goods is sure to have a smoother look. The magazine that carried the first movies of the Ferrari F1 car said that the vehicle has been intended to exploit safety system for crash structures creating a rather wing like aerodynamic effect.

Finally one can wait for to see a low, long and sleek 2012 Ferrari F1 car. Ferrari is listed to launch their 2012 F1 car on 3rd February 2012. Indications offered from La Gazzetta Sports indicate that the 2012 Ferrari will sport low and narrow radiators and sidepods with low seating position for racers.

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